McGill Conservatory Day Camp Logo

We designed a multifunctional

logo for a camp offering six programs. 

This project consisted in branding McGill's Conservatory Day-Camp, where a total of 6 logos came together into one that encompasses the whole variety of program offered by the day-camp.


McGill's Conservatory Day-Camp comprises a large number of separate camps that focus on expression and the arts targeted to kids aged 6-17. We searched to create a solid image that could communicate the idea of expression without being too obvious or cliché-ish and we focused on the idea of the stage and the feeling of both exposure and excitement that can come when the spotlight shines on you.

We chose to represent the warmth of the spotlights and the feeling of light with the shape of triangles and the use of slight transparencies. The final logo looks like a single image, but is in fact made up of six individual logos that represent the main camps that they offer and that can be used by themselves within the activities and merchandise of each camp.



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