Camp Ouareau Camper & Staff manuals

We designed two easy to use resourceful manuals.

These two booklets were created to aid parents and staff by having a concrete object where useful information could be found, all in the same place.


Staff Manual

The Staff Manual delineates camp and everything that the job entails, particularly thought for new staff members to Camp Ouareau. It's divided in useful sections and each of them covers many different aspects of camp so that they can consult it and rely on it in a variety of situations. Some of the information included are policies, protocols, the schedule of every day, a general explanation of the programs, songs and cheers, etc.

Camper Guide

For parents, the Camper Guide is a glance at what life at camp is like and how do certain procedures work and which regulations are in place, along with useful tips such as how to communicate with their daughters during camp, directions to camp, packing tips and much more.



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