Camp Ouareau 95th Anniversary Logo

We created a logo representing
95 years of camp history.

In commemoration to Camp Ouareau's 95th summer session, we created a logo to be present for the company throughout the whole year, off-season and summer alike. The project aimed to represent the full meaning and values of the camp without leaving anything unacknowledged, while setting up a first solid step leading to their centenary celebration.


The logo is simple enough: a single-lined 95 combining sharp angles and smooth curves. This shape was created by 3 individual icons that symbolize the 3 places in time that we recognize –our past, present and future –and also the camp's values: women's community, tradition, connections, impact and growth, awareness and how the future is built.

The logo was later expanded onto a brand, used on different applications such as postcards and other paper media, painted on canoe paddles and used on the merchandise for sale during the summer, always retaining the goal of representing the camp's mission and values which had been up and running for 95 years.



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